Hello World!

World Wide Web Graphic

Hello there! My name is Lisa Watkins and welcome to my lovely blog. Just a brief introduction of myself and my background: I am a senior at Bradley University majoring in Interactive Media with a concentration in Web and Application Design and I am currently enrolled in the IM365 class in which this blog has become a requirement for me to have. I am really excited about what I can learn through this class especially since I have learned a lot thus far.


What have I learned exactly? Well, I definitely learned that when it comes to web design, it’s all about the CSS and scripts and not so much HTML. I don’t know why that boggled my mind that much, but it did and it was quite the revelation. A good one at that. The fact that you can manipulate any structural code (HTML) to have any sort of look and feel that you want through CSS and scripts is quite powerful. There is a whole realm of the web designing that I am unaware of due to the fact that my current curriculum doesn’t allow for me to divulge in those topics. It is quite unfortunate and I am pretty upset that I only now, during my senior year, have gotten the chance to get a good glimpse into the world of designing webpages. Therefore, I, as a sponge, will try to absorb any sort of information that is thrown at me during the time I spend in this course this semester. I have realized that there is a lot that I have to learn before I will be up to par with most other web designers, but I am excited to explore the possibilities. I really have a strange passion for this stuff, I just wish I knew more about it.


‘Til next time!
Lisa x