Designer Rut: A Form of Writer’s Block

Since the day I graduated the thought of relaxing after four years of hard work sounded like a great plan. I had been applying for jobs here and there, but haven’t gotten a single interview. It’s late July. The summer is almost over and I have nothing to show for it. My friends have been trying to keep me lifted by offering me advice on how to spend my time exploring new design theories and enhancing my skills. I wasn’t having any of it.


I have now come to realize that I haven’t done any good for myself. I could’ve been building some immaculate portfolio pieces, but instead I’ve been building on some immense hours of sleep. A message from one of my friends today really hit hard and brought me to this realization. I now know I have a lot of work that I could be doing and should have been doing all along.


For the record and to keep me liable for my lack of motivation, I will list out the projects I intend to create:
- Portfolio Website Redesign
- Website for Mom’s Crafts
- Fix Up Happy Fish Redesign (then pitch it!)
- Graphics! (Infographics on sports teams, players, etc.)
- Delve into InDesign and Flash for a refresher.


That’s all for now. I have a lot to do can’t you see?!


Lisa x

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