The Importance of Usability in Design

Usability is a word that always pops up when designing things for the everyday user such as, in this case, a website. It is safe to say that we designers are what most people would call “geeks” or “nerds.” It’s true, most people look at the backend of some of our projects and think, “how in the world do you do that?” It is crazy if you look at it in the perspective of a regular computer user. They’re not used to seeing code like that. I actually feel quite special knowing that I have a specific set of skills that is unique to my peers around me. I am quite tickled, like the Pillsbury Doughboy. I digress. This is a perfect segue to why it is important to push for usability as a high priority when developing designs for a website because these sites will indeed be used by these everyday users that don’t know what we do. Just because us “nerds” might be able to figure out things that might be obvious to us, it might not be so obvious to the everyday user. Then, at that point your website has lost all of its usability points. Everyday users need sites to be easy to use so that they can get to point A to point B at the fastest amount of time possible. Therefore, as designers we need to cut out the cool elements that might impress us and our peers for the sake of usability if the point of the site is to appeal to the masses. This roots back to the demographic post where designers also have to be aware of their audience. This is because if your audience is indeed other designers than maybe you could afford those totally cool and tubular elements that those folks would appreciate, but for the everyday user just scratch it.


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