Importance of Demographics

Today’s topic is on demographics and why it is necessary to recognize the demographic you are trying to appeal to when designing. This is important because with different ages and backgrounds comes different tastes in aesthetics. The subject of your design will of course depend on who you are designing for because if you’re trying to cater to grade school-aged girls, you wouldn’t want G.I. Joe anywhere near that design. This should be common sense, but there are small details that designers can take into account that aren’t so obvious as the previous example. For example, the choice in colors and font can totally alter the look and feel of a design and whether or not it appeals to your audience. When I think of designing for older generations, I think rich colors like maroons or royal blues with some refined looking font in the likes of cursive with that being the most decorative the font gets. For younger generations, I think neon, bright colors with crazy fonts. The younger generations are more forgiving I feel with design and are more willing to experiment whereas with the older generations (correct me if I’m wrong) you should try to stick to the straight and narrow.


In a real life situation, for an example I’ll use my line of work, which is creating graphics for sporting teams, you have a pretty wide demographic to work with. You have the experienced sports fan that come to all the games to the little ones that are just there for fun. I think as far as a sporting team is concerned, I think the general consensus as far as aesthetics goes is to make the team look as cool as possible even if they suck. You got to make them look good, really good. So, in my line of work I know to use really high contrast, really high impact pictures and a lot of bold colors. You really have to make their colors known because that is an identifying factor of the team. The overall image has to appear strong to make the team appear strong. At least, this is how I think about it. Check out the Facebook cover photo I made for the Rivermen. I feel like this encompasses what I’ve been conveying and it’s definitely something I’m proud of.


Peoria Rivermen Hockey Facebook Cover Photo by: Lisa M. Watkins
‘Til next time!
Lisa x

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