Alternate Major

This is a hard topic to write about because I honestly couldn’t think of another major that I would choose aside from the one that I’m in. I feel like I don’t excel anywhere else. But, I guess if I were to be boring I would just say graphic design because it is kind of associated with the same skills. The reason why I didn’t pursue graphic design is the fact that I hate printing out stuff. It annoys me and it is so unpredictable that I get so impatient and mad. One of my good friends is in graphic design, God bless her. 


If I were to think more intuitively, I might say I would pursue something like public relations or broadcasting. I’ve always flirted with these ideas, but never thought I would excel at them as much as my current major (Web Design). I’m really into sports so I thought it would be fun to do broadcasting or public relations for a sporting team because I feel like it would be a fast paced and interesting career. I feel like I’m a great communicator when I need to be. (Fun fact: it’s written in the stars for me. I’m a gemini and it is said that geminis are known to be great communicators.) My favorite team is the Chicago Blackhawks and I really admired their former female sports commentator Sarah Kustok because she was very professional and really knew her stuff. That is the kind of female sports commentator I appreciate because I know there are some that just go in and flirt with the players, which is really annoying. With public relations I think it would be fun to represent a high profiled figure probably in the sports arena of course. I think that these majors are definitely a shift from what I’m doing right now because designing doesn’t really require a lot of communication at least not as much as these career fields do I would think. I guess the only communication I’ll get is from the collaboration sessions with my team of fellow designers, which I’m content with.


‘Til next time!
Lisa x

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