Advantages/Disadvantages of HTML5 and CSS3

In my web design class that has introduced the use of both HTML5 and CSS3 I have been able to get a little bit of a firsthand look into the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.
Let’s start with HTML5. The first distinct difference that I feel is a great advantage is the simplicity of the Doctype. Before, there were multiple types and they were all sort of not memorable, at least to me they weren’t. The Doctype for HTML5 is simply, get ready for this: <!DOCTYPE html>


Holy crap! So revolutionary.


Another great advantage of HTML5 is the use of some pretty standard sections that make up generally every website: header, footer, navigation, articles and sections.


A pitfall, I would say, for HTML5 would have to be that it isn’t quite cross-browser compatible yet. Since it is a relatively new development in structural programming and hasn’t been widely accepted yet, the support for HTML5 has yet to be a hundred percent for every browser and for everyone.


As far as CSS3 is concerned, it’s awesome because it offers up some features that will spice up designs just by code itself. Some of my favorite features would have to be the box shadow, border radius, and the @font-face attribute. I have used all of these attributes before and I must say, they have definitely spiced up my designs. In my resume layout alone I use the box shadow and the @font-face attribute. Before my layout was just kind of flat and I had just debated on using a texture in the backgrounds like I did with the rest of my site, but the box shadow really set it off. I feel like this subtle detail really made the layout come alive and eliminated the need for me to tarnish the simplicity of it with textures. I am also thankful for the @font-face attribute. Before I had utilized it my layout contained the generic sans serif fonts that most websites tend to use, but it just didn’t fit with the rest of my layout. I like the softness of the font and how it plays into the overall softness of the layout. Thanks to CSS3, I couldn’t stop staring at my resume webpage for days (as vain as that sounds).


I think bright futures are ahead in web design through the use of these new developments. I’m excited to see how things will appear once they are both widely accepted.


‘Til next time!

Lisa x

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