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I don’t know if this constitutes as a new technology per se, but since I have not been able to access a lot of new technologies where it be the new iPhone, the new Mac, etc. I have chosen to voice my opinons on a review casted on a product that I find is unique in my collection.


You can view the article that I am deriving my opinion on here.


This particular review is on the Heartbeats Headphones by Lady Gaga. I own these headphones thanks to an ex-boyfriend. Probably the best gift he gave me the entire relationship, but that’s a whole different topic haha. I had been wanting these headphones for the better part of 2 years partly due to the fact that I’m a Little Monster (Lady Gaga fan).


So, this article pretty much gives this product a less than stellar review making it seem like they weren’t worth the money, which they probably weren’t because I could never justify a $100 pair of headphones, but thankfully I got them for free. The review starts off by talking about the design of the headphones. They’re right about the design being very eye-catching. I always get people asking me about them because they look awesome. The review mentioned the level of discomfort that the triangular design evokes on the ear and how it always seems to fall out of the ear. I agree with this somewhat because the headphones do hurt after a while, but I usually don’t notice it a lot for me to not want to use them at all, and they do tend to fall out, but even regular earbuds fall out of my ears. I found that the different silicon eartips definitely made a difference. The headphones are pretty comfortable to me if I’m just at my desk, but I wouldn’t go on a run with them because well with any earbuds, for me anyway, they fall out.


As far as the sound quality, the review bashes the headphones for making the music sound muddy. I have no idea what muddy means, but I can tell you that I enjoy the sound quality of these headphones. There’s a lot of base, everything sounds crisp and the most important thing they forgot to mention throughout their whole review is that the headphones cancel out sound really, really well. Like, really well. I don’t blast my music by any means and I still can’t hear if someone is calling my name from 5 ft away, which I find impressive and helpful around a bunch of ruckus.


All in all, I’m happy I have these headphones in my possession. They’re my pride and joy as far as ear candy and I honestly don’t have very complaints about them.


‘Til next time!

Lisa x


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